SBC #6 Food

This week’s student blogging challenge post is on food, that is right food. Everyone’s enemy and best friend at the same time. Some love indulging in food others not so much. So I am going to talk about the iconic american food.

Now the iconic foods I am talking about is a hamburger. Not a person from Hamburg. The food with bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, and what ever else you like on your hamburger. It can have any number of sauces, most famous is ketchup and mustard.

I think it is iconic because america is famous for its massive amount of meat and there is burgers that weigh 12 oz. It gets really crazy.

There is a lot of ways to make hamburgers but one way is here at MyRecipes

I love hamburgers and my dad just bought a new grill and we have already grilled hamburgers on it. One thing my dad does with hamburgers is usually they shrink when you grill them but he put a dent in the middle and it doesn’t shrink. We love hamburgers and they are a real american food.






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  1. Hey, it’s riley from NZ! I have to say your dad is pretty smart if he managed to stop patties shrinking

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